“The The Amazing Generation” has been written for the sole purpose of awakening within the hearts of young people, the message that you were meant to live for so much more than just an ordinary existence. Rather, you have been tasked by God and He is expecting to do some absolutely amazing things through you!

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“The The Amazing Generation”
“How’s YOUR Heart Working In The Village?”

For those who have read, are reading or just KNOW 
“It’s Heart Work: Being The Village That Raises A Child”
Most people think wisdom comes with age.
 It does not. It comes from processing what
 we already know and supplementing
 it within outside information.

This  workbook -- with the operative 
word being work--written by Daniel Smith, 
is for people who want to explore their 
true potential and are not afraid of work 
It will help you to transform the knowledge 
you have into wisdom you can use.
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A compilation of heartfelt & humorous personal stories about life-changing experiences of meeting and working with the world's leading Motivational Speaker and adoptee:

Mr. Les Brown
Compiled By:
Evelyn L. Polk, LMFT

Contributing Authors:
Ivan Altamirano
Clifton Anderson
Star Bobatoon
David Bridgeforth
Sue Burkhart
Wil Cason
Remi Duyile
Kandee G
Terri Liggins-Stingley
Cheryl L. Nicks
Evelyn Polk
Princess Robinson
Jacquinn Scales
Dan Smith
Curtis Weaver

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Proceeds from the sales of this book will benefit: 

For A Child’s H.E.A.R.T., Inc.
In providing scholarships to  
recipients of the Annual 
“Les Brown 
Heart of Dreams & Tenacity Award”  
 Recipients are current, transitioning,
 and former foster youth who
 demonstrate a passion for
 fulfillment of their dreams.  
The Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network 
In underwriting expenses related to continuing
 the vision and legacy of
  Mr. Les Brown as the message of hope, and inspiration is delivered world-wide.
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"It's Heart Work: 
Being The Village That Raises A Child"

Is a memoir in which "Ms. Evelyn" shares the joys and pains of counseling, mentoring, parenting, and caring for youth impacted by the circumstances of separation from their biological parents.  Her experiences and insights will provide a different perspective and understanding of the mind and "heart set" that underlies the sense of indifference, resistance, anger, and/or rejection they may experience from the children/youth they are reaching out to.  

She, and some of the youth (now adults) she's worked with, share some of the ways in which she was able to make heart connections which helped them to embrace and channel their pain into dreams; as well as the struggles she endured in loving the sons she brought into her heart and her home.

Readers will be able to identify, validate, and learn how to take care of their own emotions and well-being, and not lose their minds or selves in the process of trying to "be the village" that raises a child and loves them through. 
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"Break The Silence:
 We've Been Quiet Too Long"

" In this videotaped interview, conducted by Evelyn Polk, a licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Dan Smith shares how refusing to remain silent can empower survivors of childhood trauma (emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse) can begin to break through feelings of confusion, guilt and shame, and tap into and develop one's inner strengths, enabling them to walk in fulfillment of their life's purpose"

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Audio CD's
Voices For A Child's Heart:
An Interview with Ms. Mamie Brown's Baby Boy Les Brown

Les Brown brings you to laughter and tears as he shares his experiences, thoughts and insights about growing up as one of seven foster/adoptive children of ms. Mamie Brown.

Fostor/adoptive parent, Licensed Marriage, Family, & Child Therapist, Founder/Director of For A Child's H.E.A.R.T., Inc., and host of "Voices For A Child'sHeart" radio program, Ms. Evelyn Polk asks Mr. Brown some candid questions to which he responds openly, with comments every foster/adoptive and even biological parent needs to hear.

The responses are sure to give you encouragement and hope as you face the joys and challenges of parenting, doing something special "for a child's heart."

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Music CD's
"Friends With Heart: We Are The Village" Vol.1

This CD brings together an awesome mixture of musical artists whose artistry will appeal to the likings of both young and "mature" fans of Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Pop and and Hip-Hop, all with a POSITIVE message.

The idea/purpose of the compilation benefit  CD is to promote a cross-generational sharing of music appreciation and family listening  by creating an  eclectic mixture of music styles/genres which will appeal to all  family members, fostering a sense of togetherness, and creating positive childhood  and family memories and associations.  

At the same time, purchase of this CD will generate funds for the provision of services to foster/adoptive youth and families (counseling, mentoring, tutoring, academic and transitional living scholarships, music and creative arts, to name a few); and raise awareness and support of the ongoing challenges/needs of children right here in our own communities and the adults who care for them.

Introducing HEART Talk Greetings...

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Inside reads...

And I'll be right there
to celebrate your arrival
when you get there

I believe in you

Inside read

I know you can be
anything  you want to be..

And I know
that it will be all good!

Inside read

...To Live Your Dreams !

Inside read

Your efforts to achieve your dreams  with tenacity are to be applauded

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$ 3.00
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$ 3.00

Inside reads..

You da Man!


Inside reads..


I am so excited for your achievement

You are a model of success

Inside reads..

I knew you could do it,and

I am SO proud of you

Inside reads..

.You've always been quite a character!

Today I am proud to witness your being the main character in your own Book of Life and Success!   

Inside reads..

Thank You...

...for not only being a mentor and friend but for also being a father
and always being there for me.

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$ 3.00
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Watch for more HEART Talk Greetings...
"Proceeds from the sales of these two "Mentor" and "Mentee" Cards  will be split
 with the Vallejo Continental of Omegas Boys & Girls Club"

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Character Building Counts Book Awards celebrates authors and books which connect a message of honor, decency, and integrity, 

and embody character-building messages which uplift individuals and society. 

CBC judges are comprised of a volunteer panel published authors, writers, publishers, editors, professionals, and experts 

in a variety of fields, and prolific readers. 

Books are judged based on the following criteria: 

(1) character-building message; 

(2) writing quality and style; 

(3) creativity/originality; 

(4) interior, front cover, and back cover design; 

(5) editing and proofreading quality.

You can order YOUR copy


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What Readers Are Saying:

“This book is an inspiration for anyone who is a foster, or is fostering a child, or for that matter anyone seeking a story of overcoming life's challenges”.

“Nicole’s story is an inspiring one of tenacity and triumph…  And this story is far from over.
“It will give you hope and make you see that one person can make 
a difference if they truly believe”.

“A story like Nicole’s could be hidden from daylight-- too painful to share--too much to relive. 
Instead of keeping   her story a secret, she has instead chose to share it in this
 book and reflect it in her work.”

“I felt as though I was a part of her journey to getting to the inspirational
 person that she is today. 

After reading this book, I was encouraged, challenged and pushed to continue with my goals.”

E-Book $10.00
Paperback $20.00
Unbreakable Spirit Arises:
From Broken Child to Resilient Woman
"It's Heart Work: 
Being The Village That Raises A Child"

of the
"2011 Character Building Counts (CBC) 
Book Awards" 
"The Secret Path to Wisdom: 
Begin By Looking Within"

By Dan Smith
"Meeting Les Brown:
 Ms. Mamie Brown's Baby Boy"
"Limited Edition"